Program Features


(1) Course design on the base of innovative strategies, the structure of trend development and the practical use in emerging industries

The core of the course design of the Master Program started from innovative strategies and trend development, emphasizing the use of decision analysis and strategy planning, creativity and innovation, information managing, etc., decision operating situations and problems that emerging industries are often faced with, and put importance on the developing trend of international emerging industries.

(2)  Alternative teaching

The specially appointed teachers of the Master Program possess not only master degree and professional academic knowledge, but also abundant strategy planning or industrial practical operation experiences. The Master Program will also invite adjunct teachers or hold business speeches and seminars to let students broaden their vision and increase the deep analyzing ability of business problems.

(3)   Cross-field academic research power

Teachers of the Master Program are from each department of College of Management, which enables the research power of the school to be fully integrated, also enhance the Master Program’s research standard in global emerging industries,and promote the trend of cross-field research.








Educational Goal

The Master Program is an advanced research academy which aims to cultivate professional personnel for “Strategy and Development of Emerging Industries”. For course designing, in addition to teaching students to set up basic research abilities of traditional masters of management, certain emphasis is put on cultivating the abilities to analyze, assess, diagnose and plan in the field of strategy and development of emerging industries.The course design of the Master Program set the core as the issues of Industry 4.0, Cross-border E-commerce, Bank 3.0, Big Data, which are related to Taiwan’s emerging industries, when students graduate, they could be capable to take the positions of executive managers in the field of emerging industries, assist businesses to upgrade or transform, and also become industry strategy analysts in government branches or teaching and doing research work in the academic field. There are no restrictions for them to exert their knowledge and strength.



The target of enrollment of the Master Program are full-time or part-time students with a bachelor degree or education equivalency. There are no certain restrictions to the education background of students who enroll in the program, hoping that there is a way for students who are willing to devote efforts to the transformation of Taiwan’s emerging industries to approach the advanced studies of theorical emerging industry analysis and management.