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Dean’s letters


Hello everyone,


         The past two weeks we been having the Department evaluation and I want to thank all teachers for the hard work. The secretary sent updates that are transmitted in this report as a guide in the preparation for the evaluation, and to easier understand the latest developments in the School of Management.

         First, the software part, this year each department requires to upgrade its database and to purchase new software, leaving only CRSP because of the large (approximately biennium nearly 2 million) amount, the procurement process is still waiting approval, the other necessities have already been acquired. One of the main issues is that CRSP database has three bids, however, there are issues with the manufacturer doing something contrary to procurement law or the price is too high, etc. Next year there are three repositories due for renewal (about 2 million), which may also require the purchase of the right to use for a two-year period with expected changes in a number of other databases. While the database is expected to increase at least 10%, likewise the database budget next year is likely to rise to about 5 to 6 million NT.

          On the hardware aspect, the Department of Hospitality Management decided during the summer brake to use the software upgrade funds, about NT $ 700,000 to improving student facilities and rebuilt classroom R113, as well as the installation of professional equipment for the hospitality service classroom R342. I would like to thank all the staff and people in the Department for all their efforts. Being close to the end of the year, some funds have been added to the School of Management for the necessity of air-conditioning equipment to be installed in the Information Management Office, the Office of the Director of Department, and classroom R457, about NT$ 400,000 in total, and Finance Banking Department graduate students room about NT.$ 55,000. In addition, in response to the gradual growing of student numbers, School of Management allocated about NT$ 150,000 to accommodate 30 students in classroom R305, and 60 students in classroom R443. After becoming aware of the situation last month, I urged the Chairperson of the School of Management to assist a small industrial study or training group (special thanks to professor Jian-Liang Chen for teaching the first day of classes) to make up for lack of funds.)Meanwhile, the Chair of the Economics Department, Jiang-Ming Chen was as a last option to agree to let me use his research funds, about NT $ 900,000, which made me so relieved, thank you old friend and good colleague. After all, the School of Management needed large amounts of money and I asked Professor Shu-Sheng Yu for help, however, for the small amounts I didn’t bother with Professor Yu. (A small joke now, “We all know the environmental concerns Professor Yu has his view on installing air-conditioning equipment installation”). Although this year is still the same as the previous two years, the proposed purchase of what we needed was met, however, I still want to kindly ask teachers to list all the necessary items in January next year so that the School of Management funds allocation (in the past the School of Management was awarded about NT$ 2.8 million). In addition, besides talking to the Head of the Department about the needs for computers, computer peripherals, and software, but also be able to get things like the related hardware device management system, including the repair needing classrooms. So when assigning overall management of everyone's needs, you can let me know as soon as possible the expected shortcomings and an earlier layout in order to make up for the difference as soon as possible. Thank you all for your understanding.

          On the allocation of funds part, previously assigned to the department of finance office (just mentioned, in recent years is about NT $ 2.8 million), EMBA got NT$ 1.5 million, then the other institutes will receive allocations based on the student / teacher ratio or proportion. Because all the departments had confidence in me, after I took office I reported the needs to the School of Management in accordance to the needs of each department / institute from the beginning until after the last available penny (even this year the School of Management allocated expense funds to various departments based on priority). School of Management and the office will try to raise money from outside sources to make up the difference. Basically, I and the office raise funds from outside sources and Prof. Shu-Sheng Yu allocates them. Teacher Yu has great skills to shop for various equipment and can save the department lots of money. Over the past three years the performance has been very good to balance the department’s demand and supply. In my opinion the outcome over the past several years is a Grand Slam, however, the department and the school have to continue this relationship of trust in order for this relationship to continue its existence.


             In terms of enrollment, there is good news and less pleasant news. The good news is, After the Minjiang special classes, we may also gain a special short-term courses, in addition, students re-taking courses experienced a high increase. In the coming year the short term enrollment will be over 200 students. It is expected within three years, the number of the students could reach 350 per year. Just like I mentioned during the dean proposal three years ago, the short term recruiting of students would be over quota. This shows that our efforts over the past few years to expand enrollment has reached impressive results. And it's also added a great deal of money in our school budget. The bad news is that although our enrollment in Taitung is over quota, it seems like the authorities didn't give us the additional necessities for additional enrolment of 40 students, so the hope of enrolling new people is gone. Our hard work over the past two years is wasted and our spirit is down. Most of all, we are very sorry for those students who had highly expectations to enter our school in Taitung. I will start this year to apply for the establishment of overseas EMBA classes, which has a good chance to be accepted by the Ministry of Education. For our department, in addition to extension of contacts and gaining influence, will also experience a great deal of cash flow.



          In addition, thanks to all the chairpersons and enthusiastic teachers for leading out at our first joint students admission press at our campus this month. I hope teachers can take the initiative to stimulate the enrollment program so we can improve the rate of applications for the graduate programs as well as the registration retention. For this year, I also expect that I should earn more grants for having cooperation abroad. Therefore, our staff can have more at hand when they go out to promote and recruit for our school.

              Lastly, this is the ninth letter I wrote to you while being a dean. I sometimes reread past letters which remind me of when the determination is willing to take charge of doing things. In recent years, I heard many rumors around and the spreading of false statements having my name, or judging me without understanding the situation. Upon hearing this, it sometimes really makes me frustrated. But by reading these previous letters addressed to you, I continually find my initial willingness to serve the department, and these notes also miraculously become my source of strength and rebirth. So I chose not to respond, but just run straight towards the goal, to do what I think is right for the School of Management. Thanks to everyone for the support and assistance which is now edifying, but there is still room for improvement. Here I'll also thank my always busy staff of the School of Management which I constantly annoy with chaotic work; they often bring their work home without complaining, and go to bed at midnight after reporting me their work. When I say we should take a little less work, they always say no (even the fragile Nain-Yun would say: Must we always do this?); they rather take the heavy workload than doing useless work. They also insist or force me to take two Vitamin pills every morning for which I thank to all the teachers and students from each department. When I feel helpless, everyone is willing to put in the effort to think how to help me solve the difficult things. This is my fourth year, I feel I'm a bit old. I want to thank you for the hard work of evaluation, thank you again for your great support. I can see the sunrise at this point and it cheers me up; I will continue to work together with my colleagues to create a brilliant School of Management.




Hello everyone,


        Summer is near and you probably are all busy with your work before the end of the semester. The graduation ceremony took place a few days ago. Seeing the graduating students taking photos with their family on campus reminds me of the excitement and pride when I graduated from the university. In a flash, twenty years have passed. Apart from still having the deep feelings towards my university campus, the most memorable and thankful are still those hard working teachers. Thank you again for the hard work and research, letting a group of kids smoothly grow wings and fly, now the sky belongs to them.

        First, I would like to report some good news, this year we have added two more laboratories and two centers. They are the "Research Center for Embedded Systems Technology and Creative Marketing" conducted by Professor Rong-Fu Dai; the ''Laboratory'' conducted by Professor Shi-Sheng Yu; the “ Financial Information Virtual Lab’’ which belongs to the School of Management and the ''Research Center for Emerging Industries" being merged with the "Industrial Center" and the ''Global Financial Center", coordinated by Department of Economics Professor Jiang-Ming Chen. Among them, the "Research Center for Embedded Systems Technology and Creative Marketing" has gotten more than NT $ 450,000 in planning grants, and the "Research Center for Emerging Industries'' has gotten NT$ 960,000 in grants. The "Financial Information Virtual Lab" has opened a bid last week, it's going to be organized and constructed by Baoshuo Financial Technology Company. Because the computers found in the Computer Center are relatively new, the relevant equipment will be provided in one of the classrooms which belong to the Computer Center. This May, Prof. Pei-fen Chen hosted "PoiGuTongJin Chikaideshen Virtual Investment Competition", so in the future you can use the lab equipment and databases, as training curriculum and apply for various competitions to be hosted by our college. I hope each department can make a good use of it.

         In terms of enrollment, the current enrollment situation of the program "Ph.D. in Strategy and Development of New Industries'' is quite good, especially we got an extra quota from the other department for this doctoral program. Bachelor class enrollment and registration are good, but the situation for the master classes is kind of worrying, each chair of the Department please pay more attention to this concerning situation. For the short-term training, under the efforts of the Executive Director Shin-Mei Lin and Chair Kuan-Cheng Ko, we’re expecting continuous growth. Cross-Strait collaboration EMBA Class should be able to operate successfully and without any issues. We also completed the EMBA program in Taitung and currently we are preparing an EMBA overseas class which we plan to have it ready at the beginning of next semester. I think in all aspects of enrollment, the overall trend is conducive to the development of the School of Management. Although we were lacking of classrooms last year, this year we are lacking beds at the school dormitory. About the problem of not having enough classrooms, after discussion with all the chairs and the secretaries of each department, we decided to build or restructure two to three classes that can accommodate about 50 people during summer vacation, and they should be ready by the beginning of the next school year. I want to thank to the professors assisting the classrooms renovation project and are moving their labs from the 4th floor to the 5th floor.

          About funds and equipment, again this year is a Grand Slam. The University and School of Management has spent the budget on database maintenance and equipment necessary for each Department. I have already asked the department secretaries, Nai-Yun and Tzu-Chun to report progress to each department about purchased or under purchasing databases and equipment, so that teachers and students can use them during the next school year.

            With my first dean position coming to an end, many competent colleagues have also expressed they will like to step down. Yu-Min Wang, the Director of Information Management and Shin-You Shih, the Director of International Business will step down in late July, EMBA CEO, Professor Xin-Mei is also going to take a year break as long-term hard work and emotional build up is understandable. Although I feel very sad, but I respect each teacher’s decision and career goals. On behalf of the School of Management, I want to thank them very much for their hard work and contributions and I also hope that we can have the opportunity to work together again to continue the further growth of our marvelous School of Management.

             Lastly, I think the teachers are busy doing research and preparing studies and new curriculum in the so-called "summer vacation". From the point of view of the outside world, all the university professors do during the summer break is go abroad or somewhere to have fun. It is so different from the truth, the world has no idea how hard many teachers work during the summer. I hope while the teachers are doing the preparation for their new class, they can also take good care of themselves. Try not to stay up all night, and don't forget to add more clothes when it's cold. I also want to give special thanks to the team of the School of Management, for the past few months we didn't a steady secretary, but the interns supported each other very well and did a great job together, working towards the goal of our college. Although I often push everyone to go home from the office, everyone sticks to the principle of ''Don't put off till tomorrow what should be done today'', and often work until 9 or 10 p.m. and never complain. This made the entire administration work adequately and efficient. I would also like to say that I’m very proud of you all for the cooperation and efforts in this school year, so every time I write to you, I have a lot of good news to report. It will be my second year being a dean form this August and I’m hoping all the office tasks can be smoothly going forward with your support and assistance. We also wish the School of Management in the new academic year, to have a new and broad horizon, to show a great style and a vision to the world.